Washington Business Bank: Going local

Through the past years, big bank corporations have been working to change the impression their branches deliver. They are changing them from larger, faceless corporate environments to more personal, locally focused areas. This can be achieved very effectively by the correct combination of name branding, warmly lit rooms, and casual seating areas. We have helped many customers to create more personal spaces for banking environments. One example is Washington Business Bank. I-5’s design team took an uninviting atmosphere and created a warm, attractive, comfortable space. Stone veneer columns and illuminated textural resin panels, brought the colors and texture of the outdoors inside and are part of the custom décor package we implemented throughout the new lobby environment. Using a warm color palette which ties into the surrounding geography helps to further the local feel throughout the environment and applying the apple logo gives a nod to local commerce. Seating areas with chairs and couches welcome customers and create an inviting, yet efficient presentation. A custom TV wall and specialty art pieces throughout the space continued the theme and worked together to allow the bank to market its services and create a personal and local feel throughout this business interior. One of the most impressive things about this project was that the bank was able to continue business as normal and the renovation happened over one weekend. On Monday morning when customers came in, a completely different environment met them. Warm brown tones played throughout the space and cheerful apple red light sconces provided appropriate dashes of color on the teller line. This new environment helps Washington Business Bank tell the story of who they are and the level of service their customers can expect. The goal of any renovation is to tell a story. Each day at I-5 we help give our customers’ story a voice.

– Christine W.

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