High Pines Buffet

San Jacinto, California

Project Objectives

The High Pines Buffet, located inside Southern California's Soboba Casino, was in need of a complete, three-dimensional redesign. The client hoped to create an inviting setting for casino guests to enjoy a relaxing meal amidst a western, cabin-style atmosphere.

Restaurant Design - High Pines Buffet seating area.

Design & Planning

By coordinating design and production of the High Pines Buffet with work on the rest of the Soboba Casino, I-5 was able to dovetail processes, resulting in a facilitated project schedule. High Pines Buffet is a central component of Soboba Casino, showcasing the property's overall theme throughout and attracting high patron traffic and revenues.

I-5 took special care to ensure that the casino restaurant design meshed well with Soboba Casino’s overall theme, creating continuity throughout the entire property. The buffet’s dramatic transition included:

Timber-frame structures and open wood-beam ceilings

Distinctive mica chandeliers

Custom-designed wall murals surrounding the room

A matching sign system that ties the High Pines Café theme together with the overall Soboba Casino design