Bar Design Concept

Project Objectives

I-5 was challenged to create a lavishly tropical themed bar design from an unassuming, no-personality structure.

Bar Design - Kahikilis Bar, outdoor seating design.

Design & Planning

Capitalizing on the property's location—escape-haven St. Lucia—I-5's bar design team imagined a Polynesian resort theme that would bring an exotic island ambience to every corner of the venue, punctuated by drama and captivating theatrics.

Creating an interior feature to dazzle the senses, a 7-foot-tall fire god carved from faux stone is flanked by towering tiki totems. Exuding power, the fire god puts on an unforgettable show for guests—glowing, color-changing eyes light up, a life-like fire-breathing mouth flares, and bursts of steam emanate from angry nostrils. To replicate the sense of an ancient, fire-lit chamber, a thatched roof covers the interior bar, topped by a glowing volcano and rimmed with a faux fire effect that utilizes steam and red LEDs. Client-provided artwork is woven into a bamboo trim band that stands off the wall and surrounds the interior, allowing for LED lighting to cast décor accents on the ceiling and walls. To finish the space, a wall treatment complements the bamboo artwork band, with a mural above and a collection of masks, photographs, and artifacts on the wall below.