Patriotic Restaurant Design

Project Objectives

This Diner is a tribute to all things patriotic and uniquely American. The goal was to follow this theme in décor and design planning, creating a celebration of our country's unique spirit.

Restaurant Design - Great American RV entrance design.

Design & Planning

I-5's plan capitalized on the theme "What makes the U.S.A. great?" Classic elements and motifs were integrated throughout, including patriotic signs, vintage prints, and iconic photographs. American themes were also worked into the restaurant design layout and structural elements, creating a lively dining experience.

A timeless but contemporary style, featuring warm wood finishes, stacked stone, and aged brick, highlighted by dramatic custom lighting, modern flowing shapes, including a curving soffit above the buffet line that alludes to the highways that connect America’s individual states, teardrop-shaped skylights, which flow with the contours of the curving soffit and flood the live trees and their surrounding area with light, walls lined with framed artwork depicting classic American people, places, and pop culture.

An upgrade to the “Good Times Soda Fountain,” creating a classic diner look. Glossy metallic finishes, aged brick wall coverings, retro light fixtures, ’50s style furniture, LED flex-neon accent lighting and hot rod artwork all create the iconic soda fountain look and feel.