Keno Lounge

Tucson, Arizona

Project Objectives

Tucson's Desert Diamond Casino needed an innovative, visually engaging lounge design and interior décor upgrade for their Keno Lounge and surrounding area.

Lounge Design - Keno Lounge, water feature design.

Design & Planning

Color, water, and advanced lighting technology combine to give the Desert Diamond Casino's Keno Lounge a magical changeability and air of intrigue. The animated motion and effects produce an ever-changing show that adds striking visual interest to the entire venue.

Multi-layered dimensional letters, which are mounted to a curved wall at the entrance, are up-lit with a concealed LED lighting system. Specialty metal chain curtains—semi-translucent to allow patrons a partial view of the interior—border the inner and outer soffit walls and draw in customers. Color-changing LED lighting installed above the curtains provides constant color shifts and adds excitement to the area’s overall ambience. Specialty animated lighting systems highlight each of three water wall displays throughout the gaming area. These systems offer color-alternating, custom animation that is able to project patterns and displays onto the waterfall, including the casino logo.

Build & Install

As with virtually all of I-5's "concept to completion" projects, the 3-step process of design, production, and implementation were all accomplished by I-5 staff and our state-of-the-art resources—a true one-stop solution. Installation was completed in under a week's time.

The Keno Lounge’s revitalized design and interior upgrade created an enticing new destination within the Desert Diamond Casino.