Tulalip, Washington

Project Objectives

Quil Ceda Casino wanted to turn their unused nightclub area into an exciting venue. While maximizing the use of existing space, I-5 created a concept to completion design plan that kept the area versatile but added modern nightclub design elements.

Lounge Design - QZone at Quil Ceda Casino, interior design by I-5.

Design & Planning

The new design plan radiates with energy and excitement using vivid red, orange, and yellow tones, as well as specialty textures and programmable LED lighting elements.

The event center entrance design has an illuminated “Q Zone” sign mounted above a decorative valance, providing excellent visibility from the gaming floor. On either side of the entrance are two internally illuminated columns with a specialty etched metal inset for a highly reflective and multi-faced surface, setting the overall tone for the interior space. Upon entering, the bar area design has a new overhead structure, which features I-5’s silver and fiery red etched metal cladding and cantilevers out over the bar to create an intimate space for guests. A custom illuminated bar top provides a soft, warm glow to the area, and sleek etched metal and diamond plate finishes provide a modern edge to the overall design. With grey tones and chrome silver accents throughout the space, attention is drawn to the stage which boasts a new overhead lighting system and a floor-to-ceiling TV screen for streaming video and live events.

Build & Install

Not only were the unique and completely custom designs provided, but I-5 also planned, built and installed the designs for a concept-to-completion transformation.

I-5’s multi-discipline approach to this project allowed for a quick turn-around time for Quil Ceda Casino. Utilizing a digital workflow, the project was seamlessly brought from the design phase into the build phase. All of the custom design elements were pre-assembled in-house at I-5’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Constructed of high-quality materials and tested to ensure complete design intent, the design elements were ready for installation in four weeks and shipped to the on-site location.

Lounge Design - QZone at Quil Ceda Casino, manufacture of bar back panels.
Lounge Design - QZone at Quil Ceda Casino, new exterior with purple lighting.

Finished Project

The event center space was completely transformed, on-site, in a week and a half.

I-5’s team of professionals received the design elements as they arrived on-site and began the final phase of the project, which was completed on-site in a 10 days. The collaboration between I-5’s department leaders created a safe and “head-ache” free process for Quil Ceda Casino’s personnel.