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Project Objectives

From single location bistros to some of the leading names in the dining industry, I-5 Design has proudly helped create beautiful, well-planned restaurant destinations across America. Since 1985, I-5 has worked with both new and existing establishments to create signature restaurant designs that draw customers and build repeat business. With visual impact, atmosphere, and efficiency always the primary focus, I-5′s specialty is themed décor that energizes locations—inside and out. A welcome advantage for clients is I-5′s in-house restaurant design, fabrication, and installation resources, which allow oversight and control of the project from ideation to installation. This benefit ensures design integrity and helps I-5 streamline implementation, usually with little to no downtime, often far ahead of schedule.

Casino Restaurant Design - Thunder Road dining area design.

Design & Planning

What can I expect during the restaurant design process with I-5 Design?

A 360-degree, 3D laser scan of the existing space shows us photographic and digital point cloud data. With the use of this state-of the-art technology your restaurant design will show a precise accurate clone of your building with measurements that can be easily transferred into 3D models. This information is then converted into a 3D model which our team uses to formulate the actual design for the space. Gathering from your input, the theming aspect of the design shows your new property in digital and 11×17 booklet form. Our teams collaborate to create a design plan that will move your vision into reality.

Our projects styles range from contemporary and energetic, classical warm and welcoming and with 3D technology, you will be able to visualize exactly how your space will look upon completion of the design and before moving towards the building, renovation and installation of the custom design elements. Each design we produce is intended to update the overall visual impression of the property, and transform the entire location into a unique destination.

Build & Install

When starting a design renovation project or a new construction project you don’t just need a pretty picture. You need a team to build and implement your designs working with subcontractors to provide you with an entirely new environment.

Because your design is “one-of-a-kind” and was created to fit your space and utilize existing structures, I-5 truly unique multi-disciplined approach provides the most streamlined process for your project. The build-out begins off-site at our facility with our in-house team pre-fabricating the specialty decor and theming elements, as well as unique architectural and lighting elements. Each element of the design is fabricated directly from the digital design files using our precision computerized equipment to ensure absolute integrity of the design. The finest quality materials and finishes are used to create an extremely durable product capable of handling the daily stresses of a casino environment.

In-house fabrication also allows for the integration of LED lighting and specialty applied finishes with precision that is not possible onsite, creating the best impact and interest within the space. I-5’s “Concept to Completion” strategy focuses on the efficiency of your project. The collaboration between our design and implementation teams not only ensures complete design intent and consistency throughout the entire project but also provides a smooth transition between each phase.

Casino Restaurant Design - Thunder Road ceiling element install
Casino Restaurant Design - Thunder Road dining area and bar.

Finished Project

We have a deep portfolio and track record of completing successful projects on, or ahead of schedule.

As the onsite preparations are being completed, our implementation team meets the design elements arriving onsite. On-site work can include needed build-outs to create completely new spaces, custom flooring and new wall and ceiling treatments. With detailed planning and coordination, the implementation of the specialty decor, signage, lighting, artwork, ceiling features, valance elements, etc; can be completed in extremely efficient timeframes without any compromise to the overall quality of the project.

Feel free to call (800) 459-2967 and talk to one of our sales representatives about your project. You can also visit our restaurant design portfolio that include some national franchises, single location restaurants and food and beverage areas in gaming environments.