High Mountain Buffet

Worley, Idaho

Project Objectives

Coeur D’Alene Casino wanted to dramatically upgrade their buffet design to create a beautiful regional atmosphere that would be a draw in its own right, and help add to the destinations reputation.

Restaurant Design - High Mountain Buffet Design Sketch.

Design & Planning

Working with the property management, we created a buffet design plan that built on the existing infrastructure to transform the dining atmosphere with a fresh, natural color palette and warm finishes, inspired by the geography of the surrounding region.

I-5 completely re-designed the POS hostess station at the buffet entry, with warm wood textures and a rich brown color palette. The interior design included a multi-tiered illuminated valance structure, approximately 200’ in overall length winding around the buffet. Architectural columns also, surround the buffet and add structural support to the valance. In the center of the buffet is a multi-tiered, illuminated, circular valance approximately 116’ in overall circumference, that surrounds the existing tree in the buffet and conceals pendant lights that hang from the outer branches, creating an intimate atmosphere within the space.  Customized chandeliers illuminate the seating area and depict the “branch” themed scenery and imagery showcased in the scenic wall murals and specialty wall coverings. The custom designed carpet uses thematic elements throughout the buffet to add richness to the entire space.

I-5 also provided all of the buffet and kitchen equipment in high quality stainless steel as well as a completely new acoustic ceiling system.

Build & Install

In our own manufacture facility, the custom décor was built and pre-assembled prior to arrival on-site. This helps to create a seamless and quick installation with little down time for the client.

I-5′s ability to design, build, and be the general contractor for installation and renovation not only provided a “one-stop” solution for Coeur D’Alene Casino but also allowed for minimal structural changes and time on-site.

Working with the existing walls and wood structures, the new design elements joined to create an open and updated feel with excellent views from the entrance into the buffet all the way into the back seating area. This also allows for minimal structural changes and time on-site.

Restaurant Design - High Mountain Buffet Design being built in-shop.
Restaurant Design - High Mountain Buffet tree element and lighting design.

Finished Project

The original project was to remodel just the buffet, with an aggressive timeline of four weeks. The Nighthawk Lounge design was added part way through, but I-5 still finished the on-site implementation in just 4 weeks.

The completed buffet transformation was beautiful and created a warm and inviting destination within the property. Not only do the casino patrons and management love it but also it is drawing new customers to the property and driving revenues up.

In addition to the Buffet remodel, I-5 also designed and completed a dramatic transformation for the Night Hawk Lounge at Coeur D’Alene Casino.