Meskwaki Casino Buffet

Project Objectives

Due to the importance of the buffet venue to casino operations, Meskwaki needed to update their 10,000sf buffet space to match their new bar, Lucky’s Tap House, a reinvented venue which used to be their old café, which had been completed a year earlier. Onsite renovation had to be kept to a minimum to protect revenues.

casino buffet renovation

Design & Planning

The “Meskwaki Buffet” design established an elevated overall theme for the venue, with high-impact custom décor features throughout the customer areas and an individual theme for each station along the buffet serving line.

The scope of this design called for an all new furniture package, upgraded restaurant equipment and appliances, and specialty décor to tie in with the overall theme. A floor-to-ceiling transformation, everything was included from re-upholstering of existing booth seating and new countertops, to a custom ceiling beam system with over 1,100 linear feet of decorative beams suspended over the entire seating area. The programmable lighting system, which is integrated into the ceiling beams and salad/dessert area valances, will allow for the overall mood and atmosphere within the venue to be controlled as desired to assist with promotions, holidays, specialty events, and/or changes in seasonal emphasis.

The project also featured a decorative valance structure and custom signage with a unique design theme for each buffet venue station.

Build & Install

Specialty decor was fabricated at I5 Design’s state-of-the-art production facility, and all components were prefabricated off site to allow for a streamlined installation on site.

Manufacturing all specialty décor off site and coordinating the delivery and installation of all custom furniture and equipment allowed for onsite construction timeframes to be greatly reduced. To ensure minimum impact to casino operations, a temporary buffet was created in Meskwaki’s events space to accommodate guest traffic during the renovation, protecting valuable revenues.

Finished Project

The entire 10,000sf of buffet space was completely transformed in under two weeks on site.

This included all floor-to-ceiling finishes, custom architectural décor with integrated, programmable, LED lighting, and an entirely new buffet line and equipment. Revenues were protected as the entire upgrade was completed in just 12 days on site, weeks ahead of the already aggressive schedule.