Primavera Café

Bronx, New York

Project Objectives

The client asked I-5 Design to envision a concept for a healthy, fast service, authentic Mexican restaurant in a university neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City.

Restaurant Design - Primavera Cafe window seating area design.

Design & Planning

The restaurant design team at I-5 drew from south-of-the-border styles, themes and color palettes to create a warm, inviting exterior plan and engaging interior layout. Primavera Café's restaurant design plan captures the wholesome freshness associated with authentic Mexican cuisine, creating an appealing venue for local diners in search of great food and a cheery atmosphere.

A color scheme representing fresh food harvests: yellows and gold’s for sunshine, greens for healthy plants

A complete makeover of the café’s exterior corner location, featuring original new signage and lighting, new façade materials and paint, large windows and awnings

Interior décor elements that showcase the bright, vibrant colors chosen: custom modern chandeliers, vibrant seat covers, fresh wall coverings and accents

A customized wall featuring the Primavera logo—a “P” formed by a hybridized sun and tree—rendered in Mexican- style mosaic